Using Dreams

Dreams can be used as a means of self understanding.

What are Dreams

I think dreams are part of our brain - possibly the unconscious - mulling stuff over - a kind of thinking - often insightful - usually symbolic as opposed to linguistic and so some form of detective work on the underlying meaning needs to be undertaken. Because the language of dreams doesn't belong to the language and experiential forms of everyday life, it is easy to forget them once awake.

Fishing for Dreams

There are practical methods which can sometimes help us retrieve and remember dreams. Before going to sleep make a positive suggestion to yourself, such as, "I may have a dream and wake up remembering it." If you do remember it, write it down or dictate it. If you wish, take it to your therapy session and ask your therapist to collaborate with you in trying to understand the subtext of the dream.

Understanding the Dream

Read the dream through with the therapist or say it from memory. Tell the therapist about anything which occurs to you regarding particular images. This is called a free association. Hopefully, by reading the dream through in this way, some kind of narrative may emerge. Look in particular for any themes perturbing you in your life at that time or any really strong themes from childhood and pass these themes by the dream. The thing you are looking for are common denominators - as in mathematics - underlying common elements which appear in a not immediately obvious way - a common denominator of 35 and 14 is 7 - a common denominator of gypsies and wild horses is freedom. This process of therapist and client casting around in a semi-hypnotic way for free associations and common denominators and allowing these elements to percolate freely, is the main way I come to a deeper understanding of the client - not only in the process of understanding dreams, but in the whole process of therapy.

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